Our approach


Research is in our DNA and the basic principles established in 1991 remain unchanged today. We create models based on the statistical properties of financial instruments and then use these models to develop systematic trading strategies. The ‘scientific method’ enables us to take an unbiased approach to research and our team of PhDs together with our strong ties with leading academic institutions ensure we remain at the forefront of our field. This approach is critical to driving consistent innovation and development in our quantitative strategies, portfolio construction and execution.


Technology is at the core of CFM. It enables research, implements investment strategies, trades on multiple exchanges and markets around the globe, and monitors performance and risk real time. We believe maintaining and developing successful alpha strategies requires continuous investment in technology: the continued integration of machine learning, AI and cloud computing techniques with our 6+ petabytes of financial and alternative data open up new opportunities and decreases time to deployment.

Trades per day
AUM (Jul'23)
6 PB
Of stored data

Risk management

All our trading strategies are rigorously tested and piloted prior to deployment. A dedicated team monitors trading portfolio risk to gauge risk levels and performance, a process that relies on proprietary monitoring systems and software. And in periods of extreme market volatility or unprecedented market events, the board has the authority to override the algorithms and reduce portfolio risk.


The efficient implementation and execution of strategies is crucial. Over 30 years, implementation has remained a key pillar of our offering, investing significant research and technology resources on optimising our trading performance to maximise our proprietary investment strategies.

We have a dedicated execution research team and an extensive proprietary trading database that provides continued insight into optimising portfolio construction and the price impact of trading to maximise the return of our strategies.