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Bridging the gap between academia and practice

We support fundamental research through various academic partnerships and our own CFM Foundation, with the primary goal of understanding financial markets, developing the technologies and techniques for analysing them and exploring how to apply them to Asset Management.

Take a look below and see how we work with some of the brightest minds of today to push the boundaries of academic research.

Women in Quantitative Finance Scholarship

At CFM we are committed to promoting diversity within scientific research, and have launched a scholarship program ‘Women in Quantitative Finance’. This scholarship aims to encourage women researchers in fields of scientific study where they are unfortunately underrepresented. Our commitment is to finance two new PhD students each year.

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CFM-ENS (École normale supérieure) Data Science Chair, Paris

In partnership with École normale supérieure, we aim to bring together researchers with diverse backgrounds and a common interest in dealing with large scale or high dimensional data.

The use of algorithms is becoming more widespread across a whole range of important and diverse fields from healthcare to robotics and this partnership, established in 2016, enables a collaborative and cross discipline approach to understanding and developing these algorithms.

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CFM Research Chair at École Polytechnique, Paris

This collaboration with École Polytechnique was establised in 2019, and seeks to apply scientific techniques to further our understanding of the fundamental problems faced in financial markets.

This econophysics initiative encourages participants to take a different approach to economic modelling and gives them the platform and means to challenge the academic orthodoxy, which underpins policymakers' approach to managing economies.

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CFM-Columbia University's Program for Economic Research, New York

Columbia University’s program for Economic Research and CFM have launched an initiative to explore and analyse how alternative data can be used to further the understanding of financial markets, improve economic forecasting and enhance investment strategies.

Through a series of seminars and workshops, this initiative focuses on understanding how alternative data can be used to better understand price formation, by looking at a range of non-traditional datasets that have yet to be fully understood in terms of their impacts on economics.

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CFM-Foundation for Research, Paris

We have always had a close relationship with academia: our business and investment strategies have been built on an academic approach to finance. We hire from many of the top institutions and we actively maintain strong relationships with them through partnerships and collaboration. We believe strongly in supporting fundamental research, and in 2009 we decided that we wanted to make a direct contribution to research efforts in areas beyond our direct interest but in an area that we understand. We therefore created The CFM Foundation for Research.

The Foundation aims to finance upto five theses per year in exact sciences on varying themes (e.g. physics, mathematics, economics, theoretical biology); sponsor international exchanges between researchers; provide assistance in the publication of papers and theses; help with the organisation or participation in symposiums or conferences; and directly finance certain research projects.

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