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CFM named “Best Offshore Manager operating in Australia”

Sydney, 15 October 2019: CFM has been named “Best Offshore Manager operating in Australia” at the Australian Alternative Investment Awards, held in Sydney. The Hedge Funds Rock and Australian Alternative Investment Awards have been held annually since 2005 and were created to recognize and honour the industry’s top performers. CFM’s IS Trends – Class A fund was a finalist in the “Best Global Macro/Futures Fund” category.

The overarching aim of the awards is to recognise managers which display performance in keeping with the objectives of the investment industry – including consistent, competitive risk-adjusted returns, independent of the direction of financial markets. Managers are ranked using both quantitative and qualitative assessment and must achieve high minimum standards across all criteria.

Steve Shepherd, Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific at CFM said being named “Best Offshore Manager operating in Australia” is a strong endorsement of CFM’s pioneering role in developing alternative beta investment strategies and introducing them to investors around the world.

“We create alternative beta strategies which offer a source of potential return with a low correlation to traditional equity and bond markets, and which give investors the opportunity to access returns from plausible, repeatable market patterns in both rising and falling markets,” he said.

“We have been providing Australian investors with low-cost ways of diversifying their portfolios for many years – institutional investors initially, but increasingly wealth management and dealer groups – and it’s this increasing demand for our alternative beta and trend following strategies which led us to open a permanent office in Sydney last year.

CFM’s IS Trends – Class A Fund, named a finalist in the “Best Global Macro/Futures Fund” category, is a managed futures trust which takes advantage of trends in a large range of global assets and markets, including bonds, equities, rates, currencies and commodities in a low-cost, transparent structure. IS Trends offers two unit class options: Class A which has a 10% volatility target and Class B with a 15% volatility target.

“CFM began as a hedge fund manager focusing on systematic trading strategies, and today our programs are the result of years of research and experience.

Our investment strategies aim to achieve consistent returns, in variable market conditions and with a risk profile that seeks to be less volatile than general market indices – in a low-cost, transparent and efficient way” he said.

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